Forecasting, nowcasting, data acquisition and dissemination, Blockchain oracles, AI, IOT, UNITY VR/AR

EnvLab borns with over 40 years of technological research in data acquisition, transmission and process for land, marine and submarine fields. The experiences consolidated over years of operation now merge with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, augmented and virtual reality in one powerful solution for the 21st century.


It is a powerful ocean data management tool to visualize, compare and chart  parameters collected by sensors at sea.  wHydro can  also receive forecast from the NOAA NWW3 Global model.  In addition, if local historical data is available, the forecast can be improved using an Artificial Neural Network. Learn more. 


Our blockchain solution consents to create, send and receive tokens and  track NFT associated to mobile and goods.  In order to give a certain date to any document or file It also consents to generate a hash, storing it on the blockchain.  Our backend programs can upload environmental data on blockchain  usable by smart contracts as oracles.
We can supply a whole blockchain-based solution both for backend and user-interface (wallet).

Unity AR/VR

Our professionals, Unity certified, can develop any solution involving both Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as your Unity custom project. 

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Our Acp99, the Advanced Chat Processor, was designed to supervise chats and Telegram channels. Currently the advanced functions performed by Acp99 can be classified as follows:
▶  Language detection
▶  Answering user questions from a FAQ database
▶ Classification of posts by topic
▶ Sentiment extraction  from posted messages
▶ Abstract creation from posted web pages

In addition Acp99 can supervise a complete eCommerce solution named acpStore, totally working inside Telegram, and  using blockchain tokens as money.

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